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SharePoint Branding and Design–is not hard.. just get on with it.. [ Posted on: 19-November-2010 ]

Previously on my blog i posted how to get the most out of working with the branding aspects of SharePoint in 2007. Now with SharePoint 2010 the story has vastly improved and you CSS and web designer types has really nothing to complain about. Furthermore my good buddy AC (Andrew Connell) has done a great job by working with the good folks at Microsoft to create this awesome MSDN article with guidelines on how to “skin” the heck out of SharePoint.

So next time before you complain about how hard it is (it’s really not that hard) to brand SharePoint suggest you go over to “Real World Branding with SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites” and get yourself familiar with how SharePoint masterpages and page layouts are constructed and how you can abstract your design implementation. Let’s face it gone are the days of hand crafting web sites and creating your own CMS so that it outputs “clean HTML” is probably going to be not practical – i mean who the heck cares not your users for sure. Content Management systems like SharePoint are about economies of scale. The reason SharePoint is vastly used by companies is that it offers ROI at an platform value.

So get on with it – embrace it.. use the samples and you’d probably be better off and have be able to deliver more awesome designs to your clients who are using SharePoint!

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