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SharePoint Migrations and Upgrades [ Posted on: 03-October-2008 ]

A few people have asked me how to approach migrations and upgrades for previous versions of SharePoint.

If you are planning to migrate or upgrade the options available to you for various versions of SharePoint are as follows.

  • WSS V2 to WSS V3
  • SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • WSS V3 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Previously I have blogged about planning your migration and upgrade and also notes from one of the early upgrade and migration projects I was involved in.

And remember PRESCAN is a must and in my opinion don't ever attempt to do in place upgrades. If you read my above posts you'll know why.

If you are just starting to plan then here are some must read resources to help you plan.


Upgrade and Migration centre for SharePoint


Upgrade Planning Resources for SharePoint


Migrating from MCMS to MOSS

Migration MCMS Content to MOSS - My Previous post on content migration

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Comments and Feedback
Wednesday, 8 Oct 2008 08:43 by Jose Pires
Hello, do you have any notes regarding migration from SP2001 to SP2007? Namely regarding the metadata included in pdf's files, with the copy/paste option the pdf does not maintain the metadata. Do you have any sugestion? Many thanks, Jose
Wednesday, 8 Oct 2008 09:36 by Chandima
@ Jose Pires
The upgrade path from SPS 2001 is to got to SPS 2003 first. This is the supported path. However there are third party migration tools that may be able to help with the migration.
Depending on the number of documents and how important these ratain the meta data when migrated to SharePoint 2007 I would opt to migrate the last 3 months of most highly used files and move the rest of the files to a file server based archive and provide search capability for your end users to find the archived files.
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