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SharePoint Conference in Seattle [ Posted on: 29-February-2008 ]

I will be traveling to Seattle for the Microsoft SharePoint Conference which is now SOLD OUT! Check out the conference web site: The attendees are provided with My Site integration to manage and track the sessions that you attend. Very cool.Watch out for posts from the conference over the next week from me and Brendan Law who is also attending. Technorati Tags: SPC2008, MOSS, WSS, Events, SharePoint, Seattle, Conference ...[Read More]
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February SharePoint User Group Session Resources [ Posted on: 28-February-2008 ]

Zac gave us a great presentation last evening on Community based SharePoint Projects. He has been working on a number of the projects that is available for download from CodePlex. You can view the session resources of his topic "Getting the most out of your SharePoint Community" on his Blog. My top SharePoint must have add-ons from CodePlex are as follows SharePoint Features Project. This is a little gem with some really awesome add-ons. I previously blogged about "Log Viewer Feature" available as part of this download. If you are a SharePoint administrator you need to get this. Other top Features that you get with this pack are as follows Debugger FeatureAdds a new menu item to the Site Actions menu that attaches the debugger.Log ViewerThis is a Feature for viewing the Unified Logging Service (ULS) logs from w ...[Read More]
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SharePoint Training for the Desktop [ Posted on: 22-February-2008 ]

Want to learn about SharePoint aka:MOSS at a leisurely pace? No access to a Server with MOSS installed? No to Worry you just download this self contained learning module so you can learn about MOSS functionality and the core features. Videos and Interactive modules make it easier for you to understand key concepts. Installing is easy but you'll need to be an administrator on the PC you are installing this. Download the SharePoint Desktop Learning Installer from here. Technorati Tags: MOSS,SharePoint,WSS,Training ...[Read More]
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February Wellington SharePoint User Group (NZ) [ Posted on: 22-February-2008 ]

This month we have Zac presenting on Community Kit for SharePoint (CKS) and what's available as part of CKS when deploying SharePoint. Details are below: Topic: Getting the most out of your SharePoint Community Speaker: Zac Smith There is more to the SharePoint community than just turning up to user group meetings for free pizza and beer. Over the last year SharePoint developers around the world have been creating all kinds of enhancements, utilities, tools and extensions for SharePoint. This session aims to demonstrate how some of these can be incorporated into your SharePoint environment. Zac will showcase SharePoint community initiatives such as the Community Kit for SharePoint and some of the many CodePlex SharePoint projects . This will be a great opp ...[Read More]
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Michael Sampson has published his white paper titled "The 7 Pillars of IT-Enabled Team Productivity: The Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Analysis" that he has been working on based on his previous "SharePoint for Business" framework. As usual it has drawn the attention of some as being a total shoot down of the capability of SharePoint. What I am referring to is the article titled "Study Takes Aim At SharePoint's Shortcomings" and Michael's response to various others. If one reads Michael's paper one should come to the conclusion that it highlights areas for positive improvement that can and rightly so should be done to match Michael's 7 pillars framework on IT enabled team productivity and collaboration and NOT that SharePoint is useless and no one should ever touch it. There is more than enough proof in the ...[Read More]
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Troubleshooting Event 18456 [ Posted on: 20-February-2008 ]

In some MOSS environments you may encounter this error. The Event is noted on the event log as: Event Type:    Failure AuditEvent Source:    MSSQLSERVEREvent Category:    (4)Event ID:    18456Date:        20/02/2008Time:        12:43:00 p.m.User:        NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEMComputer:    MOSS-WLGWFE001Description:Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM'. [CLIENT: <local machine>] The reason for this as I found out is a redundant SQL job related to the SSP database. The SQL server had been used previously to install and test a MOSS pilot and the error was related to a SQL Server Agent Job that was running against a non existent database related to the SSP. Checking the SQL Log showed me that it was trying to connect to a non existing database. To get rid of the Error you can disable the Job via SQL Server Agent Jobs ...[Read More]
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If you are planning to deploy a new SharePoint server or need to re-evaluate your server hardware because of performance issues then you need to get hold of this tool. The tool requires "System Center Capacity Planner 2007" which you need to install first. System Center Capacity Planner 2007 can be downloaded from here. Basically you can run this on your desktop PC and does not require to be installed on a Windows Server environment. Then you'll need to download the SharePoint Capacity Planning Tool and install it. With the tool installed you can effectively create a Capacity model for your deployment. One thing to note though is that this models should be taken into context around what your environment is capable of. Trying to support 1000~ users on an existing single server SQL back end which can't scale is of course not ...[Read More]
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Visual Studio 2005 WSS Extensions User Guide [ Posted on: 12-February-2008 ]

Over the past few weeks our team has been working on creating a user guide and sample code for developers to get started on developing with the Visual Studio Extensions for WSS (VSeWSS). This is being officially released today at the opening of the Office Developer Conference (ODC 2008) in San Jose. Gavin from our team is over at ODC now. The User Guide is not all complete at this time and the completed User Guide is planned for release by the end of April 2008. The current version here includes documentation for the List Definition project template only. It also includes a sample List Definition project in both C# and VB.NET. This template is one of seven that will be covered in the completed guide. The Visual Studio 2005 WSS Extensions User Guide can be downloaded from here. To work with the samples you can download the Windows ...[Read More]
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